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Technical translation of documentation in Almaty

More than 109 languages worldwide! We work all over Kazakhstan!

We are especially proud of our success in the field of technical translations. Plants, factories, power stations, houses, etc. have been built with the help of our agency.

Technical translations of hundreds of thousands of pages of texts that help in the creation of various production facilities are our special pride!

We not only translate, but also preserve the appearance of the data so that ready-to-use user manuals, drawings, schematics and other documentation can be handed over to the customer's local specialists.

Over 109+ languages are available to us.

Translation of technical documentation

Technical translation services are provided by our company's highly specialised experts.

We work with a wide range of areas such as, but not exclusively:

  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking
  • Fuel industry
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Aviation
  • Information technology and a variety of other industries.

Each industry is unique and has its own terminology. We improve our knowledge in different areas of engineering on a daily basis to ensure that the result of the completed material is the best possible and error free.

Helvetia technical translation company performs translations of technical documentation, instructions, as well as the following documentation:

  • User manuals, reference and information documents
  • Equipment passports, installation and operation manuals
  • Plant catalogues, specifications, scientific articles
  • Drawings, reports
  • Quality certificates
  • Patent documentation, standards, etc.

Literacy of translation is the main task for our specialists, for the reason that only with the provision of qualified information documentation will be observed the rules of operation of foreign equipment, instructing subordinates on the requirements of engineering safety, maintenance of equipment and methods of elimination of various malfunctions.

Technical translation cost

The cost of technical translation in Almaty depends on the following factors:

  • volume and type of documentation to be translated (we are not engaged in translation of one page of text, we take into work only large volumes of material)
  • labour intensity and profile of engineering documentation
  • urgency of providing the completed translation.

The competence and professionalism of our polyglots will help to realise any type of technical translation qualitatively and promptly.

Technical translation: the price is determined individually. We guarantee high-quality translation, ensure its competent presentation and fulfil the deadlines agreed upon when placing an order. You will be pleasantly surprised: we can do almost anything in this field!

There are several ways to contact the specialists of our translation agency. You just need to choose one of them: by phone +7 701 808 46 66 or email 3335500@gmail.com. Any questions you have will be answered in detail and competently within a short period of time.

10% discount on the first order for technical translation of documents!

IMPORTANT: the discount is valid for orders of 10 pages or more

Technical translation of languages

Translation of scientific and technical texts into +109 languages worldwide at Helvetia translation agency!

Why do people choose HELVETIA translation agency?

Do you need a reliable, competent and honest language translation partner?
  • Quality
    Professional translators, editors, proofreaders: the task of each of them is to make the translation as high quality as possible. Thanks to the hard work of our team, you can be sure that your order will be completed to a high standard!
  • Bonus system
    Flexible prices, gifts, priority in order fulfilment — become our regular client. When ordering large orders we offer pleasant bonuses in the form of additional free scope of work.
  • Big team
    We are an international translation agency. Our translators work in almost every country worldwide. When you send your documents for translation to our agency, you can be sure that the best specialists will work on your project!
  • Always on or before the deadline
    We will clearly agree a deadline with you and submit the completed translation on or before the deadline. Our experience and highly qualified team of translators never tires of proving their professionalism!
  • Quick answers to queries
    Our goal is to provide our clients not only with quality translations on time or earlier, but also to answer any queries 24/7 as quickly as possible. Once your order has been placed and paid for, you will be assigned a responsible member of staff who will assist you with any queries you may have.
  • Service
    We always prioritise quality service to our clients: we answer messages quickly, respond to requests quickly, answer calls quickly, translate quickly, issue documents quickly… And we do it all also with QUALITY!

Scientific and technical translation into the Kazakh language with 10% discount on the first order!

IMPORTANT: the discount is valid for orders of 10 pages or more
The world is constantly changing and evolving. New programmes are appearing, making human life easier, changing the format of interaction between entire industries, and artificial intelligence is developing. But one thing remains unchanged: to get high-quality translations, there is no other way but to engage translators.

Translation of technical documentation in Almaty, accurate translations of fiction and scientific works are still done by human beings. So how can you find someone who is guaranteed to do exactly the kind of translation required and within the required time frame?

Helvetia translation agency can help you solve this problem and save yourself from this headache. We are always on the cutting edge of progress, automating processes and optimising the translation process. Today we can translate technical documentation of absolutely any volume in the shortest possible time with maximum quality.

How did we achieve this, and what makes us different from other translation agencies? While other agencies work the old-fashioned way, often using only programmes like ABBYY LINGVO and a one-step check of the translator’s work by an editor, we have adapted a three-step approach to working with translations:
  1. Initial translation by a professional translator
  2. Checking of the translation by an editor specialising in that particular subject matter
  3. Final check of the translation by a second editor and correction of any spelling, semantic and stylistic errors

This approach allows you to achieve a whole new level of quality in high-precision translations, turning your headache into a task we know well. Confident in the quality of your translation, you will be able to manoeuvre more freely on the decision-making field available to you, expanding the options available to you.

When you give us your translation of technical documentation and other translations, you are making the right decision. We will walk hand in hand into the future with our heads held high!